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One Response to “It took love, patience, and a thesaurus, to get along with Jeannie … a Laboriously Articulate Retriever.”
  1. Ellen Barger says:

    Note that the gorgeous orange tabby (statistically male, even if no longer intact) seems not to object to the dog’s heavy ministrations. Perhaps he (the cat) has been blessed with the weight of his human’s head while sleeping, so the presence of a warm, furry, olid weight may just merit a weary sigh. (Cat people know this sigh all too well.) His tail is calm, his pupils normal, his expression that of a typical put-upon feline, so all’s well. What’s remarkable is that a dog could be prevailed upon to sit calmly still while being photographed. That observations betrays my personal prejudice, of course.

    Seriously, this is cute. It does, however, strongly remind me of my cat-personhood. Milo? Time for seconds? I’ll be right there!

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