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My dearest Fengtopians,

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we barely fucking post any more. So many reasons, and so few good excuses. I keep hoping things will change … that my health will improve, or I would at least feel funny a bit more often. I’m too tired to even try to give an in depth explanation. I just wanted to apologize, one more time, for having drifted so far away from the path. All this ever was was for fun. Yes I tried for a few short years to make a little money off the site, but it made no money, and made it ugly, but I only ever wanted to have a few laughs.

Charles has been going through it as well, and I can hardly ask him to carry any more weight than he already does. I am not throwing in the towel yet, but that day may come. I have asked a few friends if they might be able to contribute, so that you all would have a reason to poke your head in more often. No word back from any of my candidates yet.

Thank you all for sticking with me for this long. I hope I can at least manage to go out with something other than a whimper, and I hope that that not a whimper is not too soon.

You’ll know that something has changed when something changes,


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Yurgri Ventch & Snisbogrut are Serbo-Malaysia’s biggest popular music act. The Night the Lights Went On in Cugmu, Spnarb and Surrounding Districts has been Number 1 for five years

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