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Dearest Fengtagonists

The previous post is Charles Dexter Ward’s message to you all.  He and I are not the same person. You can tell us apart if you turn us over and read the label/description carved on our underparts.

Charles and I do not talk often, and have never actually met in the world of meat based interactions.

I have not yet written my greetings of the season/suicide note. The funny has indeed been harder to find while my long term health issues have been more prominent.

Please look for something in this space, soonish, if not later.

In the meantime here is a greeting card from holidays past. God I hate repeating-reposting-cheating cause I can’t think of anything funny.

Merry Tickmas

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Dear Fengtonites

2012 will not rank very high on the List of Years I Look Back on With Affection.  If you’ve deduced from the poverty of my posts of late that funny has been in short supply ’round my way, you’d be right.

I’m about to do my annual withdrawal from electronic devices, and hope to emerge in January with a bit more wind in the metaphorical sails. A traditional Serbo-Malaysian seasonal feast of bat soup, limpets, and perhaps a trunnion of owl (if I can still get a nice one this time of year) might help.

So, whatever you’re doing, all the best to you and yours,  thanks for dropping by, see you again in ought-13.


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assholes 2

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